Wet food variety pack - 8 x 300g trays

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We’ve given our Classic Wet Food range a little makeover, from snazzy packaging to tempting new names. They’re all still made to the same tasty recipes, so your dog will love every mouthful. We still have a few of the old designs in stock, so your next delivery might be a mix of both. Don’t worry, they’re identical inside.


Our wet food is slow cooked, nutritious and made with succulent meat and veggies. We choose the ingredients in each recipe for the taste and nutrients they bring.


Complete food for dogs over 1 year old.


Included in this pack:

Pâtés (x1)
1 x Fisherman's pâté with salmon & peas
Gravies (x4)
1 x Shepherd’s hotpot with lamb, vegetables & rosemary in tasty gravy
1 x Slow-cooked stew with beef, rice & vegetables in tasty gravy
1 x Fish stew with cod, rice & carrots in tasty gravy
1 x Country casserole with chicken, potato & green beans in tasty gravy
Jellies (x3)
1 x Steamed fillets with lamb, chicken & green beans in tasty jelly
1 x Braised fillets with beef & vegetables in tasty jelly
1 x Slow-cooked fillets with chicken & duck in delicious jelly