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Slow-cooked wet dog food

Our wet dog food is slow-cooked, nutritious and made with succulent meat and veggies. We choose the ingredients in each recipe for the taste and nutrients they bring - from delicious lamb and rosemary to iron-rich beef, carrots, peas, and more.

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Treats & chews

Whether it's for training, rewarding good behaviour or just showing how much you care, our treats get tails wagging every time.

Dental chews

Add them to your delivery, and that's the easiest part of your dog's dental routine done.

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If you're enjoying our range, why not sign-up for a tailored monthly subscription from Here's how it works:

Tell us about your dog and we'll create their unique vet-approved kibble recipe.

If your dog likes wet food and treats, we'll adjust their feeding plan.

We deliver your dog's food every month, and you can go online anytime to make changes.